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Ready for something Different?

Uplift Transport is thrilled to introduce a new level of excellence in transportation: Uplift Transport Plus! With Uplift Transport Plus, you can confidently reach any destination, whether it’s local or long-distance, even across state lines. Our cutting-edge Mercedes Sprinter vehicles, motorized gurneys, and personalized door-through-door service establish us as the premier provider of non-emergency medical transport. Our luxurious limo-style transport is equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment technology and offers additional comfortable seating for a nurse or family member.


At Uplift Transport we recognize that each of our customers are unique.  We customize our services to meet your individual needs.   We are patient, positive, and passionate with great people skills.  Our dependable, honest, and caring medical transportation service for all ages, will improve the quality of life for those that are ambulatory, or mobility challenged.  When you book with Uplift Transport you can expect reliable, convenient, and superior service. 

There is a new INSPIRING way to get around and we invite you to enjoy the ride!

Great for treatments that a doctor recommends arranging safe travel arrangements for:

  • Non-emergency hospital visits
  • Doctor and Dental Appointments
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Outpatient Surgery/Oral Surgery
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Dialysis/Oncologist Appointments
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical or Occupational Therapy
  • Massage Therapists
  • Chiropractor Treatments
  • Chemotherapy
  • X-rays (MRI), Lab and Blood Tests
  • Adult Day Care Facilities
  • Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities

We always extend a helping hand.

Ambulatory care refers to medical procedures conducted on the same day in an outpatient setting. Our medical vans provide transportation for patients of all ages who are mentally or physically challenged and require assistance or supervision to attend appointments. We offer a superior alternative to traditional taxicab services and are highly recommended for your transportation needs. With Uplift Transport’s door-through-door service, we ensure your safe arrival at your destination and provide assistance getting in and out of the vehicle, unlike local taxis that typically offer only curbside service. Ambulatory transport caters to patients who can walk independently or with minimal assistance when transitioning in and out of the vehicle.

Stair Chair Lift Assistance

Recognizing the obstacles posed by limited mobility, particularly concerning stairs, we present our stair chair services as a viable solution!

Our electric stair chairs exemplify what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. With our well-trained staff, we’re prepared to handle even the most challenging staircase situations. Our electric stair chair is designed to safely transport you up and down stairs without any effort required from the individual being transported.

Over the years, we’ve assisted numerous patients with our stair chair service, continually expanding our reach and impact within the community.

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Check out our two videos showcasing indoor and outdoor stair chair lift assistance to witness its effectiveness firsthand!

The stair chair is a pivotal tool in medical transportation, allowing two highly-trained one or two attendants to safely navigate stairs with a patient, regardless of injuries or limitations.

View our video for a visual representation of our company’s secure stair transportation process!

For additional information or inquiries, please visit our contact page or reach out to us at (949) 771-7701.

Wheelchair Transportation

Non-emergency wheelchair transportation caters to clients with disabilities or health conditions who require assistance but do not need medical intervention.  We provide wheelchair-bound transport services for patients needing secure seating during transportation. Our specially equipped vehicles are fitted with advanced integrated in-floor ramps or hydraulic lifts for wheelchair access, along with Q’Straint securement devices.

Gurney/Stretcher Transport

Our gurney transport caters specifically to patients with limited mobility, whether they are bedbound or require a stretcher for movement. Throughout the journey, patients remain on the stretcher, offering the flexibility to either sit up or recline as needed. Specialized equipment ensures patients are securely fastened in the vehicle, eliminating the need to transfer them to a standard seat, which may pose discomfort, risks, or physical challenges.

It’s crucial to recognize that not every vehicle can accommodate a stretcher safely. Adequate precautions, equipment, and systems are essential to ensure patient safety, particularly in the event of an accident or sudden stop.

Various factors such as age, injury, or weight gain can necessitate gurney transportation for individuals. Just as each patient is unique, their transportation needs vary as well. Gurney transport extends beyond medical appointments or treatments; it’s commonly utilized for attending significant life events such as weddings, family gatherings, funerals, religious services, and home visits. Ensuring patients of all mobility levels have the freedom to participate in important events is paramount, and our services are designed to facilitate exactly that.

4 Key Elements of Successful Gurney Transportation

Gurney transportation entails bedside-to-bedside services, where drivers remain with the patient throughout the entire journey. With this level of hands-on care, ensuring patients feel comfortable and safe is paramount.

  • Comfort – Comfort is paramount in gurney transportation. Utilizing newer model vehicles equipped with specialized equipment is just one aspect. The process of transferring patients from their bed to the vehicle and back should be a calm and reassuring experience.
  • Safety – Drivers should possess knowledge of best practices, CPR, and first-aid to safeguard each patient’s well-being during transit and stretcher handling. Driver training is essential to ensure patients are safe at every stage of the journey.
  • Punctuality – Timely transport is essential. It’s crucial to choose a transportation service that considers all factors when scheduling patient pickups to ensure prompt arrival at the intended destination without delays.
  • ADA Compliance – Before selecting a gurney transport provider, verify their compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and adherence to the latest guidelines for safe and efficient transportation of stretcher patients.

Long distance and travel outside of Orange County is available.

Advanced Bookings Required

We are excited to introduce a new fleet of elite medical sprinter vans to our long-distance medical transport services at Uplift Transport. This expansion enables us to maintain our commitment to delivering world class service and exceptional care to individuals requiring medical transport beyond state lines.

Long Distance Medical Transportation Services

Uplift Transport provides cost-effective long-distance patient and medical transportation services, prioritizing quality and comfort. We recognize the challenges inherent in long-distance ground medical transport and are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

State to State Medical Transport

We specialize in providing medical transport services across state lines throughout the contiguous 48 US states. With our expertise, we eliminate the uncertainties associated with planning and coordinating safe and comfortable state-to-state transport for your loved ones. Our dedicated team of professionals handles every aspect of the journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for medical and patient transport. From comprehensive cross-country patient transportation services to regular updates on patient status and arrival times, we prioritize exceptional care every step of the way.

Long Distance Elderly Transportation

At Uplift Transport, we empathize with the unique requirements of elderly individuals coping with impairments and chronic health issues. Our expertise lies in long-distance transportation tailored for seniors, including those with dementia, necessitating transport from nursing homes and hospice settings. We deliver compassionate and professional care 24/7, ensuring our fully customized transport vans provide a comforting environment akin to home, thereby reducing stress throughout the journey. Our services encompass transportation to and from hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospice care, or the comfort of family homes.

Long Distance Patient Transportation

At Uplift Transport we provide top-notch care for patients with disabilities or recuperating from medical procedures. Our services ensure seamless coordination from bedside to bedside, offering peace of mind and minimizing stress with a licensed nurse if necessary accompanying the patient throughout the journey. We understand that selecting a private medical transportation service can be overwhelming. That’s why we handle all the essential details, allowing you to concentrate on your loved one’s recovery. Specializing in non-emergency patient transport post-surgery, we welcome family members to accompany the patient during the trip.

HOTEL and AIRPORT Special Needs Transportation

Get away from it all, and give us a call for a reliable ride to and from the airport. Our friendly driver will always help you with your luggage. Just because you are wheelchair bound or need assistance does not mean you are bound to your home.

Family Visits



Travel Concierge

We understand that one of the biggest problems with seniors and the disabled today is that they are socially isolated.  Therefore, Uplift Transport provides a better way of supporting and enabling seniors and the disabled to engage in fun, life-enriching activities that are the most important to them.  We at Uplift Transport help enable our clients to fulfill their dreams.  

These personalized services are available 7 days a week, and can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Use our easy online scheduling form below, or just give us a call a call at 949-771-7701